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Chainsaw Safety Training

Chainsaw Safety & Handling Training

Accredited Course by Safety Services Manitoba

Chainsaw Safety Training

Recommended Session for those who want to get into chainsaw carving but have little or no chainsaw experience

* This course is Accredited by Safety Services Manitoba. Participants will go home with an accredited Certificate of Completion that can be used for employment purposes.

This training course covers chainsaw fueling and maintenance, chainsaw safety equipment, safe operation of a chainsaw and basic chainsaw cutting techniques. 

This One-Day Chainsaw Safety & Training Course is $300 and includes:

  • Use of personal protection equipment

  • Use of chainsaw

  • Lunch

  • Certificate of Course Completion Accredited by Safety Service Manitoba

With our workshop, you will get thorough training on all the elements of chainsaw operation, maintenance and safety both in the classroom and outside using our chainsaws and safety equipment. 

At the end of this one-day course, you will go home with:

  • The ability to confidently and safely make basic cuts with a chainsaw.

  • The knowledge you need to keep your chainsaw running smoothly.

  • The ability to sharpen your chainsaw (critical for maintenance and safety).

  • A Certificate of Course Completion, Accredited by Safety Services Manitoba (can be used for employment purposes).

Chainsaw Maintenance

Our indoor classroom session covers:

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Chainsaw safety features

  • Chainsaw storage & fuel/oil utilization

  • Chainsaw disassembly and maintenance

  • Chainsaw sharpening

  • Proper starting procedures

  • Kickback

  • Notching & back cutting

  • Proper felling techniques

  • Limbing and bucking

Safe Chainsaw Operation

Our outdoor hands-on session covers:

  • Safely starting and stopping a chainsaw

  • Get comfortable handling a chainsaw

  • Make some basic chainsaw cuts

Chainsaw Safety Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

Ernie Reimer is a Certified Chainsaw Safety & Handling Instructor Accredited by Safety Services Manitoba.

Ernie has 18 years of chainsaw handling experience through working in the logging and firewood industry. In the last three years, Ernie has fine tuned his chainsaw handling skills through the art of chainsaw carving as well!

Chainsaw Carving

Interested in Chainsaw Carving?

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 Chainsaw Carving Workshops.

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All our workshops operate out of Tyndall Firewood Supply.


Tyndall Firewood Supply is located just outside of Tyndall on the south side of Highway 44, 1/2 mile west of 12S. Look for the sign!

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